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Alan Rice

Human being. I'm a PhD student studying molecular evolution at a university in Ireland. Likes: sugar, data & science. Dislikes: peas & cats. I don't know how I made it this far either. (he/him)

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Since graduating from Trinity College Dublin in 2012 with a B.A. in Natural Science (Genetics), I’ve undertaken a PhD in the McLysaght Lab of molecular evolution. We’re currently investigating how human dosage sensitive genes have evolved.

I helped organise a TEDxYouth event in Dublin that took place in November 2012 called TEDxYouth@WestlandRow.

During Christmas 2012, I built a tiny site that shows what people are currently eating and posting on Twitter called nomfeed. [currently offline][sometimes NSFW as not filtered].

Perpetually trying to build the best todo-list/goal-achieving webapp. Failing, mostly due to procrastination.

I tweet too much over at @alanmrice. It’s where you’ll usually find me. Though occasionally when 140 characters are too constraining, I write longer posts (read: ramble) here on my blog, A Claim Inerrant.

If for some reason you’d like to email me you can do so at alanmrice [at] gmail [dot] com.