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Human being. I'm a PhD student studying molecular evolution at a university in Ireland. Likes: sugar, data & science. Dislikes: peas & cats. I don't know how I made it this far either. (he/him)

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As part of Dublin CCTV Map, I requested a list of all traffic camera locations from Dublin City Council under the Freedom of Information Act. They aren’t all listed online unfortunately. I’ll add them to the map in the near future.

I also requested their installation and maintenance costs for recent years. Here is that financial information.

Year Installation of cameras Maintenance of cameras Notes
2013 €105,586.10 €455,906.96 Maintenance includes Indigo Vision Codec Maintenance Upgrade
2014 €213,357.66 €346,425.97  
2015 €118,359.75 €396,917.16  
2014/2015 €177,396.29   Flood Defence CCTV Project
Totals €614,699.80 €1,199,250.09  

So that’s just over €1.8 million spent on traffic & flood defence cameras over the last three years. At least they’ll bring us faster Dublin Buses soon.